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As you look back on life you find...

that the only thing that stays the same, is that everything changes


Canada Day



January 5th, 2009

(no subject)

Canada Day





2008 Year in Review

January - Rang in the New Year in River Falls struggling to stay awake because we returned earlier that day from Virginia Beach.  I then lived in River Falls for a month and worked as a long term sub for the month of January.  It was an awesome start to my career and I loved the experience! Staying in  River Falls also ment lots of dates and seeing Enchanted!  I also started taking graduate classes at MSU beause I could and they went well.  Tim's family and I went to see A Prairie Home Companion as a treat and Tim and I got ready to take my family on a birthday adventure for my mom that involved a search for a two story outhouse :)

February - I moved back home the first few days this month.  I had a bit of a scare and ended up in the er for a few hours from a reaction but thankfully caught it in time.  The next day I headed up to the twin cities and stayed with Katie for MMEA.  It was a great conference!  I don't remember the rest of February - I know I was busy with being a sub in the Mankato schools, my MAYSO internship, grad classes, and playing in the Mankato Symphony.  I also started cello lessons :)

March - Lets see... I stayed busy and we had some awesome MAYSO concerts and then I spent spring break with Tim.  I went hiking in the woods by his house and got lost for about an hour before I found myself...  Once spring break was done, it was back to the grindstone. 

April - I went to Milwaukee with Tim for the National MENC convention and met up with Carolyn :)  It was great seeing her and staying with Laura and Steve.  I started applying for jobs - no bites yet, but I started that crazy process...

May - Classes ended in May along with a lot of other things.  I had my last Mankato Symphony concert, last day at Perkins, my last night at crossroads and a few others.  The other cool thing that happened in May is that I spent two weeks in Germany and Austria with the music department :)  It was a great trip!  Intersting at times... but a great trip in the end.  I had a few bites throughout the month for interviews but no job offers during May

June - Started out great - we saw Death Cab for Cutie on Tim's birthday, I had a few job interviews and then we headed to IMC for the summer!  It was the best year at camp of our four years and while it was stressful not having a job while Tim did, spending a lot of my free time searching, applying and hopign for applications, it didn't put a damper on the fun of the summer. 

July - My internal drama about not having a plan for August wore on me the first part of July, but the Canadians came to camp and life was great!  The last week of camp I had two phone interviews and one of them offered me the job and was willing to wait until I got back to WI for me to make a decision.  I really enjoyed learning basic yoga poses and sun salutations at camp.  We ended IMC on a super high note and the camp out was a lot of fun!  I also helped out a certain ring that I would receive later in the year...

August - On August 1st I got in two car accidents while my car was parked and I was away in the course of one hour, and then signed my first teaching contract.  I also went to a wedding of a good friend of Tim's (and mine and she's one of the bridesmaids), attended lots of marching band rehearsals, moved out of my parents house officially for the first time, got my first salary paycheck and settled in Sun Prairie for new teacher orientation.  Over Labor Day weekend, on August 28th after a wonderful day at the Minnesota State Fair, Tim asked me if he could be my husband for the rest of our lives and I said, "Serioulsy?!?!  Heck Yes!"

September - School started and it got off to a good start.  Its great getting up every day enjoying what I do and then getting a paycheck for it!  Tim and  I started wedding plans and we set a date and place by the end of September.  I also took a yoga class and it was great!

October - Was another good month.  It was a month filled with marching band supporting the Marching Cardinals on the way and at State competition.  The music convention was also this month and it was great to see other good friends too!  I also started eating dinner with one of my co-workers and its been awesome getting to know her better :)  Its wonderful having a good friend in the area!

November - November 4th was wonderful in lots of arenas.  I feel like I witnessed history by being alive in a time where so many are so moved... I wonder how I will be describing it to my kids someday!  The school weeks were broken up by staff development days, and the much welcomed Thanksgiving break.  Tim and I split our time in Mankato and River Falls and it was nice to see both families.  We covered the rest of Tim's family in early December.

December - Was another good month, but we failed to have a complete week of school due to snow days.  It was a little hectic, but a productive month, and we were able to go to the Midwest Clinic in Chicago and stay with some more good friends of ours - Molly and Jason.  I feel like we had a good mix of learning things in sessions, seeing amazing concerts, seeing some of the sights and meeting up with old friends!  We both went back for a crazy two days of school before winter break.  We spent a good chunk of time in Mankato with my family, then in River Falls and Columbus, Georgia with Tim's family.  It was great to have t-shirt (or almost t-shirt) weather for a few days! 


This year has been one of the best years and I hope to keep a positive perspective on things as the time to make certain decisions get closer.  Thankfully its a win situation however it turns out and that is wonderful!  I really lucked out!  There have been some trying moments, but overall I think that my family and I are more hopeful this year than we have been in awhile.

I hope the holidays have been good to you too! Don't get too stressed out by the small things! :)



October 8th, 2008

(no subject)

Canada Day

I am quite content.  I love my job, my co-workers, my weekly yoga class, the fact that I will be marrying my best friend in 9.5 months...

I can think of lots of things I am thankful for today.  (That wasn't the case earlier this week.)

What are you thankful for today???



August 30th, 2008

(no subject)

Canada Day



The past four years Tim and I have gone to the State Fair and had a wonderful time hanging out.

In 2005 we went to the pig barn, watched Jason and his band perfom, collected some cool posters, went to a friend's house for a party afterwards and officially began dating that night while walking around the campus of Hamline University:


In 2006 we went with his brother, tried a deep fried twinkie (eew) met up with Ginger and then had an awesome dinner with Adam:

In 2007 we met up with Ginger, checked out the Toyota hybrid exhibit, ate lots of food, ran into Andrew P. from camp, missed getting milk to have with cookies by two minutes, and stayed long enough to see the fireworks show that started when the grandstand performance was finished:

And finally in 2008, we had a wonderful day that included watching a cow give birth, Tim winning a kitchen compost bucket, powering the WCCO 6pm broadcast by riding bikes for 15-20 minutes, eating milk and cookies, and going for a walk over to the campus of Hamline University, sitting in front of Old Main recollecting the past three years together and Tim asking me to marry him.  I said, "Heck Yes!!!"


I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet




August 17th, 2008

(no subject)

Canada Day

Hi Everyone -

I don't know how this new layout works, but an FYI - I posted a new blog and it is restricted to the friends only list so you must be signed in to read it.

Have an awesome week!

June 2nd, 2008

(no subject)

Canada Day
 Hello everyone!
I am heading off once again to the International Music Camp to work my fourth summer as a dean of girls (counselor).  www.internationalmusiccamp.com I am really excited to be heading back and even more so because of the number of returning co-workers that are like family to me as well as the new campers and experiences each week of camp brings!  I am also in the middle of looking for an orchestra teaching job.  I have had a few interviews so far and the waiting game continues...  I will let you know when something solidifies!
This summer I plan on enjoying the beauty of the summer sun, warmer weather, green plants and blooming flowers!  I have found that I appreciate the colors and warmth more after living in Minnesota for a while, where it seems like a precious commodity after several months of clouds, cold, grey skies, and snow (that all seems so appealing by the end of the summer).  Its fun having four seasons!
Below is my mailing address for the summer until July 26th.  I will also be checking my email and phone messages several times a week.  I won't have cell phone service, but I will be able to call you back!  As always, if I get a piece of mail you are guaranteed to receive one back!
Christine Seymour
International Music Camp
RR1, Box 116A
Dunseith, ND 58329
Hugs and love to you all!  What are you up to this summer??
Take care,

May 11th, 2008

(no subject)

Canada Day



It feels like this week has turned into a week of lasts...

  • Last bit of MAYSO music taken care of
  • Last class at MSU
  • Last dinner at Crossroads
  • Last night at Perkins
  • Last Mankato Symphony Concert

And even though I shed quite a few tears about each of those things - I feel like I made a difference during my time here for college and I am okay with moving on. 

A new door opened to me this weekend...  I wonder if I will choose it...  Only time will tell.

Last Night at Perkins

Last MSO Concert




April 24th, 2008

(no subject)

Canada Day

Five applications have been turned in.  The first round closes on the 30th. 

The waiting game begins...

April 18th, 2008

(no subject)

Canada Day



It is pretty surreal that I only have two shifts left at my Perkins - the 25th and May 9th.

I have had so many good crazy memories and made many good friends in my 5 1/2 years of working there.

I'll miss it.

March 22nd, 2008

(no subject)

Canada Day



The latest update on this is that there isn't much of an update.

There is a lot of in between and waiting going on in my life right now and it is kind of frustrating when I think too much about it.  I just want things to be figured out and over with now.  I know it si going to take some time, but if things could all figured out by the time I go to Germany in May, I will be really happy.

Spring break was awesome and I had a really nice time in Wisconsin.  The MAYSO concerts went really well too and I miss it already.

I hope that you all are having a very happy Easter weekend!


March 11th, 2008


Canada Day
Now that I have your attention :)

I am looking for an old school slide projector that I can borrow for June and July while I am at camp. I promise that I will return it in good condition and keep it in a locked room while it is not being used. It would only be used once a week for about an hour and a half at most.

If you have one and are willing to let me borrow it, please let me know!!!

Thank you so much!!
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